...the antidote is to take a few risks...

“First hand experience is perhaps the most important foundation stone in discovering who you really are, and what you might become. Without huge dollops of it, encouraged and nurtured, but rarely directed, we can never become more than the sum of other peoples lives, experienced at second hand…the antidote is to take a few risks, and let the mud squidge through your toes from time to time.”(Tim Smit)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Digital Leaders in the Nursery."Dear Zoo: Told be Sadia, Marwan's Sister, in Bengali."

Digital Leaders visit the nursery every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. In this time we have been creating digital audio recordings of the childrens favourite storybooks. As Digital Leaders (Children from years 3,4 and 5) we have also recorded bilingual recordings of these stories, retelling them in the many home langauages in our nursery. We have begun creating a collection of recordings that can be listened to by the children on our wireless headphones in a dens we created from sheets and pillows. We have also invovled other children in this project by finding out which children in our nursery have older brothers, sisters and cousinsn in our school and have invited them to visit our nursery to share in our story times.

Here is an example of what we have been creating. "Dear Zoo: Told be Sadia, Marwan's Sister, in Bengali."

With cold weather on its way....

Making Ice Mobiles with my Nan on PhotoPeach

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